Two Strange Haunted Roads In Washington Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Washington is a state abundant in natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical significance. Yet, amidst its charm lie mysteries, legends, and paranormal phenomena. Among them are two renowned haunted roads, where the laws of physics appear to bend and break: Gravity Hill in Prosser and Spook Hill in Yakima. These roads have captivated and puzzled visitors for decades, defying gravity and challenging logic. But what exactly causes these anomalies, and do they intertwine with the ghostly tales surrounding them? Here, we delve into potential explanations and eerie experiences associated with these enigmatic roads.

Gravity Hill: A Push from Beyond

Gravity Hill sits along North Crosby Road, approximately 10-15 miles north of Prosser, near an aged and reputedly haunted grain elevator. A painted line marks the spot where the peculiar phenomenon occurs. Visitors who park their cars at this line, shift to neutral, and release the brake, report feeling an unseen force pushing them uphill. Some even claim that their speedometers register acceleration as they ascend the slope. But how can this be?

One theory suggests that Gravity Hill might be an optical illusion, influenced by the surrounding terrain and the road’s curvature. While it may appear to ascend, the road actually descends, and vice versa. Distortion of the horizon by hills and trees can further obscure the road’s true level, deceiving the observer. Thus, what initially seems like defiance of gravity is merely a trick of perception.

Another intriguing theory proposes that Gravity Hill is haunted by the spirits of a young mother and child who perished tragically in a car accident on the road. Legend has it that one fateful night, their vehicle broke down, and as the mother attempted to push it to safety, a speeding truck struck them, claiming both their lives.

It’s believed that their restless souls linger on the road, either seeking assistance or vengeance by aiding in pushing cars uphill. Some adventurers have tested this legend by dusting their car hoods with flour or powder before visiting Gravity Hill, claiming to discover tiny handprints upon reaching the summit. Others report eerie sounds, including cries or a woman’s voice, echoing along the road.

Spook Hill: A Pull from Below

Situated on North Thorp Highway, approximately 10 miles west of Yakima, lies Spook Hill, near a cemetery and an old schoolhouse. A sign marks the spot where the peculiar phenomenon occurs. Visitors who park at this sign, shift to neutral, and release the brake, describe feeling an unseen force pulling them downhill. Some assert that their speedometers register deceleration as they descend the slope. But how can this phenomenon be explained?

Similarly to Gravity Hill, one theory posits that Spook Hill is also an optical illusion, influenced by surrounding factors. Despite appearing to descend, the road may actually ascend, and vice versa. Distortion of the horizon by nearby features can further obscure the road’s true level, deceiving observers. Thus, what appears to be defiance of gravity is merely a visual deception.

Another compelling theory suggests that Spook Hill is haunted by the spirits of the deceased buried in the nearby cemetery. According to local legend, one night, a group of teenagers attempted to prank their friend by throwing a rope over the road from behind a tree. However, their prank went awry when the rope accidentally caught their friend’s neck, resulting in his accidental death by hanging.

It’s believed that his vengeful spirit still roams the road, attempting to drag cars downhill. Some adventurers have experimented with this legend by placing crosses or Bibles on their car dashboards before visiting Spook Hill, claiming that their vehicles halt or even reverse direction on the road. Others report sightings of a shadowy figure or hearing chilling screams echoing along the road.


Gravity Hill and Spook Hill stand as two of Washington’s most mysterious and haunted roads, where the grip of gravity seems to wane. These enigmatic roads challenge both the laws of nature and the perceptions of visitors who encounter the inexplicable and the eerie. Whether these phenomena stem from optical illusions, magnetic anomalies, or supernatural forces remains an unsolved and captivating mystery. To experience these phenomena firsthand, visitors can venture to these roads, albeit at their own risk and curiosity. However, a word of caution: what awaits may be beyond what one expects or desires to encounter.

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