Two Strange Haunted Roads In Pennsylvania Where Gravity Doesn’t Exists

Pennsylvania harbors a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural wonders, yet within its borders lie enigmatic tales and eerie phenomena. Among these mysteries are two roads defying conventional logic, where objects seemingly defy gravity and roll uphill. Enter Cossart Road in Chadds Ford and McKinney Road in Allison Park, also known as Gravity Hills. In this exploration, we delve into the secrets shrouding these roads and invite you to experience their inexplicable allure firsthand.

Cossart Road: The Devil’s Road

Cossart Road, dubbed Devil’s Road, meanders through the dense woods of Chadds Ford near the Delaware border. Infamous for its unsettling ambiance, it has been the backdrop for chilling encounters—ghostly apparitions, animal mutilations, and rumored cult activities. Legend whispers of a woman’s lingering spirit from a fatal car crash and the specters of the du Pont family, allegedly entwined in tales of incest and Satanism within their nearby estate.

Yet, the most confounding feature of Cossart Road is its gravitational anomaly, where objects roll against the expected downhill motion. To witness this peculiarity, navigate to the road’s end, marked by a sharp curve and gentle incline. After halting your vehicle, shifting into neutral, and releasing the brake, prepare to feel an uncanny force propelling your car uphill. The phenomenon extends to rolling objects like balls or bottles, defying rational explanation.

Speculation abounds regarding this phenomenon:

  • Optical illusions arising from the landscape’s curvature may distort perceptions.
  • Magnetic anomalies, potentially from subterranean minerals, might influence object movement.
  • Supernatural forces, ranging from ghosts to demonic entities, may manipulate gravity for mysterious ends.

McKinney Road: The Mystery Mile

Traversing the hills of Allison Park near Pittsburgh, McKinney Road, known as Mystery Mile, hosts a myriad of paranormal incidents—UFO sightings, temporal distortions, and alleged dimensional rifts. The road’s lore includes tales of a tragic motorcycle accident claiming a young couple’s lives and the lingering spirits of Native Americans massacred by settlers.

However, the most captivating aspect of McKinney Road is its gravity-defying anomaly, akin to its counterpart. To encounter this marvel, navigate to the road’s midpoint, marked by a subtle depression and a sign signaling the end of a speed zone. Upon stopping your vehicle, shifting to neutral, and releasing the brake, prepare for an inexplicable uphill movement. Rolling objects mirror this defiance of gravity, leaving observers in awe.

Possible explanations for this phenomenon include:

  • Optical illusions generated by perspective and horizon lines may deceive observers.
  • Gravitational anomalies stemming from the earth’s composition might distort object trajectories.
  • Paranormal influences, ranging from extraterrestrial intervention to interdimensional portals, may manipulate gravitational forces.


Pennsylvania’s enigmatic Cossart Road and McKinney Road defy conventional understanding, offering visitors a glimpse into the inexplicable. These roads beckon thrill-seekers and mystery enthusiasts alike, inviting them to test the bounds of reality firsthand. Laden with legends and mysteries, they stand as testament to the state’s enduring allure, where the natural and supernatural intersect in tantalizing ambiguity.

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