Two Strange Haunted Roads In Ohio Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Ohio is a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. But it also has its share of mysteries and legends, some of which defy the laws of physics and logic. Two of these are King Memorial Road in Mentor and Euler Road in Oxford, also known as Crybaby Lane.

These are two strange and haunted roads where gravity doesn’t seem to work as expected, and where paranormal phenomena are said to occur. In this article, we will explore the stories behind these roads and the possible explanations for their anomalies.

King Memorial Road: The Phantom Bicyclist

King Memorial Road is a rural route that ends at the intersection of Little Mountain Road in Kirtland Hills. According to local lore, this road is haunted by the ghost of a bicyclist who was killed one night by a car while waiting for his lover. The legend says that if you drive to the bottom of the hill, stop at the intersection, and put your car in neutral, a white light will appear from the hills and push your car uphill. This is supposed to be the spirit of the bicyclist, who helps drivers out of gratitude or loneliness.

Many people have tried this experiment and reported seeing the mysterious light or feeling their car moving against gravity. Some have even recorded videos of their experience. However, skeptics have a different explanation for this phenomenon. They claim that it is an optical illusion, caused by the shape of the terrain and the road. They argue that the road is actually sloping downward, not upward, and that the white light is a reflection of the moon or a distant streetlight.

Euler Road: The Crying Baby

Euler Road, or Crybaby Lane, is another country road that twists and turns through the woods into a dead end. This road is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a baby who was hanged from a tree branch by his mother. The story goes that the mother was mentally ill and killed her baby before killing herself. The road is named after the cries of the baby that can be heard at night, along with the apparition of the mother looking for her child.

To test this legend, one has to drive about 100 yards past the Route 732 intersection, stop, and put the car in neutral. The car will then roll uphill, as if pulled by the baby’s spirit towards the tree. Some witnesses have also heard the baby’s cries, seen orbs of light in the woods, or even encountered the ghost of the mother.

However, as with King Memorial Road, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. The road is actually sloping downward, not upward, and the illusions are created by the lack of a horizon and the tree formations. The sounds of the baby could be natural noises, and the orbs of light could be fireflies or dust particles.

Conclusion: Are These Roads Truly Haunted?

The stories of King Memorial Road and Euler Road are examples of how folklore and superstition can add mystery and intrigue to ordinary places. While these roads attract curious visitors who seek the thrill of defying gravity and meeting the supernatural, there is no conclusive evidence that these locations are truly haunted.

The phenomena that occur on these roads can be explained by natural causes, such as optical illusions, terrain features, and environmental factors. However, for those who believe in ghosts and spirits, these roads offer a chance to experience something beyond the normal and perhaps even connect with the past.

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