Two Strange Haunted Roads In New York Where Gravity Doesn’t Exists

New York, a state brimming with wonders, offers not only iconic landmarks in the Big Apple but also the mesmerizing beauty of the Adirondacks. Yet, within its borders lie secrets that defy nature and logic, tucked away in two infamous locales: Buckout Road in White Plains and Spook Hill in Middlesex.

Buckout Road: The Haunted Enigma

Hidden amidst the forests of White Plains, Buckout Road snakes its way through Westchester County, shrouded in eerie legends that have earned it the title of America’s most haunted road. Among the chilling tales are:

  • A family of albino cannibals dwelling in a crimson house, preying on unsuspecting passersby.
  • The spirits of three witches, burned at the stake centuries ago, haunting the area around a towering oak tree.
  • A cemetery where tombstones glow under the moonlight, and restless spirits emerge from their graves.
  • An abandoned schoolhouse where the echoes of students’ screams still linger, victims of a deranged teacher’s rampage.
  • A bridge where the apparition of a man hangs in perpetual torment, swinging from an invisible noose.

Most baffling of all is the phenomenon of the gravity hill, where vehicles appear to defy gravity, rolling uphill in neutral. The enigma sparks endless debate, with explanations ranging from optical illusions to supernatural forces. Regardless, the gravity hill remains a mesmerizing attraction, drawing thrill-seekers and skeptics alike.

Spook Hill: Defying Gravity and Reason

Nestled near Canandaigua Lake in the Glades region, Spook Hill in Middlesex, Yates County, earns its name as a gravity-defying mystery. Here, cars, bicycles, and even water seemingly challenge the laws of physics by rolling uphill when left in neutral. Theories abound, from natural forces like Earth’s magnetic field to tales of Native American spirits or curses from bygone witches.

Spook Hill isn’t just a gravity hill; it’s a nexus of supernatural activity, with visitors reporting:

  • Strange orbs, ethereal mists, and sudden flashes of light piercing the darkness.
  • Whispers, laughter, and disembodied voices echoing through the woods and air.
  • Shadowy figures and apparitions drifting across the road and fields.
  • Bone-chilling cold spots, gusts of wind, and inexplicable temperature fluctuations.
  • Mechanical malfunctions plaguing vehicles, from engine failures to mysteriously flat tires, trapping visitors in their eerie surroundings.

Spook Hill stands as a testament to the mysterious convergence of the natural and supernatural, offering an experience that defies explanation and challenges the very fabric of reality.


New York’s landscape is dotted with enigmatic locales like Buckout Road and Spook Hill, where gravity takes on a life of its own, and the paranormal reigns supreme. These haunted thoroughfares beckon the bold and the curious, but tread cautiously, for what awaits may transcend your wildest imaginings. Dare you embark on this spine-tingling journey?

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