Two Strange Haunted Roads In Illinois Where Gravity Doesn’t Exists

Have you ever pondered the sensation of zero gravity on Earth? Well, there’s no need to journey to outer space for a taste of it. Enter Gravity Hill and Bloods Point Road, two enigmatic stretches in Illinois renowned for their gravity-defying illusions and eerie tales. Let’s delve into these haunted highways and unravel the mysteries behind their peculiar phenomena.

Gravity Hill: The Road That Pulls You Uphill

Nestled near the Wisconsin border in Shullsburg lies Gravity Hill, a perplexing roadway that appears to slope downhill. Yet, when you halt your vehicle and shift it into neutral, it mysteriously begins to roll uphill. Some claim an unseen force tugs at your car, while others attribute the phenomenon to optical illusions stemming from the road’s contours and surrounding terrain.

Numerous theories and legends abound regarding Gravity Hill’s peculiar effect. Some attribute it to magnetic anomalies or energy vortexes, while others spin tales of a deceased farmer’s ghost attempting to guide your car to safety. There are even whispers of diabolical forces at play, beckoning unsuspecting travelers into their grasp.

Despite the debates, Gravity Hill draws thrill-seekers and curious souls eager to test its gravity-defying allure and experience the eerie sensation of being pulled uphill. Reports of paranormal encounters, including ghostly apparitions and strange lights, only add to its mystique.

Bloods Point Road: The Road That Makes You Levitate

Winding through the rural landscapes near Boone, close to Rockford, lies Bloods Point Road, named after the early settlers, the Blood family. Infamous for its dark history of murders, suicides, and rumored witchcraft, it stands as one of Illinois’ most haunted thoroughfares.

Among its chilling anomalies is a bridge over a creek where gravity appears to vanish. Park your car, kill the engine, and you might feel it lift off the ground, as if floating in mid-air or being nudged by an unseen entity. Tales of curses by local witches, the ghostly presence of a crashed school bus driver, or even interdimensional portals swirl around this eerie phenomenon.

Bloods Point Road beckons adventurers and paranormal enthusiasts, offering the spine-tingling experience of levitation alongside reports of phantom animals, glowing orbs, and spectral screams.


Gravity Hill and Bloods Point Road stand as testament to Illinois’ enigmatic side, with their gravity-defying stretches and haunting narratives. Whether one believes in the supernatural or not, these roads promise an exhilarating and chilling experience. Approach with caution, show respect, and buckle up—on these gravity-defying roads, anything can happen.

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