Two Strange Haunted Roads In Georgia Where Gravity Doesn’t Exists

Georgia harbors numerous mysteries and legends, alongside some eerie and uncanny phenomena. Among these peculiarities are two roads that defy conventional physics and gravity, known as gravity hills, scattered across the state. Gravity hills confound observers as cars, balls, or other objects seem to roll uphill instead of downhill, while water flows in the opposite direction of the slope.

Many visitors to these gravity hills have encountered the peculiar sensation of being tugged or pushed by an unseen force. The explanations for these phenomena vary widely. Some attribute them to natural factors such as optical illusions, magnetic fields, or geological peculiarities. Conversely, others attribute them to ghostly or cursed origins, imbuing these sites with a sinister and mysterious history.

Two of Georgia’s most renowned gravity hills are:

Booger Hill in Cumming

Nestled on Bettis-Tribble Gap Road in Cumming, Forsyth County, Booger Hill earned its moniker from the local term for a ghost or monster. Legend has it that this gravity hill is haunted by the spirits of slaves who met their demise by hanging from a nearby tree. These restless souls are believed to either assist vehicles in their escape or lure them towards a dreadful fate.

To test the gravity hill, visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles on the road, shift to neutral, and release the brake, experiencing the sensation of their car moving uphill propelled by an invisible hand. Some claim to hear eerie noises emanating from the surrounding woods or witness unsettling apparitions in their rearview mirrors.

Spook Hill in Stone Mountain

Situated on Stonewall Jackson Drive in Stone Mountain, DeKalb County, Spook Hill earns its name from the disconcerting atmosphere visitors encounter. Legend suggests that the spirits of Civil War soldiers, fallen in the Battle of Atlanta, haunt this gravity hill.

These spectral soldiers are said to either roll or hurl cannonballs or rocks at stationary vehicles, either to frighten or challenge them. Testing the gravity hill involves parking one’s vehicle, shifting to neutral, and releasing the brake, feeling the car seemingly pulled uphill by an unseen force. Reports of phantom gunshots, explosions, or battlefield cries, along with sightings of smoke or blood, further contribute to the eerie ambiance.


These gravity hills epitomize the strange and haunted roads of Georgia, where gravity behaves anomalously. Booger Hill in Cumming and Spook Hill in Stone Mountain are enshrouded in legends of ghosts and curses, attracting both thrill-seekers and curious travelers eager to witness the paranormal. However, visitors should exercise caution and respect when exploring these unpredictable and potentially perilous sites.

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