The Five Largest Alligators Ever Found in Florida

Florida boasts renowned sunny beaches, thrilling theme parks, and a rich array of wildlife, with the American alligator standing out as one of its most formidable inhabitants. These ancient reptiles, commonly sighted in Florida’s freshwater habitats, captivate with their imposing presence. Let’s delve into some of the largest alligators ever documented in Florida, shedding light on these captivating creatures.

  1. 14 feet 3.5 inches, 654 poundsThe longest recorded alligator in Florida, as confirmed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), was captured in November 2010 by Robert Ammerman, a nurse and seasoned hunter. Ammerman engaged in a 45-minute struggle before successfully bringing the massive gator ashore, measuring 14 feet and 3.5 inches in length and weighing 654 pounds.
  2. 13 feet 10.5 inches, 1,043 poundsAmong the heaviest alligators documented in Florida, weighing a staggering 1,043 pounds, this specimen was discovered in April 1989 in Orange Lake, Florida. Dubbed “the Skull” due to its remarkably large skull, measuring nearly 30 inches in length, this gator’s immense size earned it a place in Florida’s history books, despite its body’s advanced decomposition.
  3. 13 feet and 5 inches, 800 poundsIdentified as part of the state’s “nuisance alligator program,” designed to mitigate threats posed by large alligators to humans or pets in unsuitable areas, this gator was apprehended in May 2023 in Orlando, Florida, by Kevin Brotz, a licensed alligator trapper. Measuring 13 feet and 5 inches long and weighing 800 pounds, it ranked among the largest nuisance alligators ever removed in Florida.
  4. 13 feet and 3.5 inches, 920 poundsAnother nuisance alligator, captured in September 2023 near a golf course in Orlando, Florida, by trapper Kevin Brotz, a formidable specimen measured 13 feet and 3.5 inches in length and weighed 920 pounds. Known for its aggressive demeanor, it posed a significant challenge during capture, showcasing its resilience and strength.
  5. 13 feet and 2 inches, 767 poundsRecorded as the largest alligator harvested by a hunter in Florida, this impressive specimen was hunted down by Corey Capps, a plumber and avid outdoorsman, in October 2020. Utilizing a fishing rod and harpoon, Capps successfully captured the gator, measuring 13 feet and 2 inches long and weighing 767 pounds, along the Apalachicola River.


These accounts highlight some of Florida’s most monumental alligators, though they represent just a fraction of the state’s vast alligator population, estimated at over a million. While these creatures are revered for their role in Florida’s ecosystem and culture, they command caution and respect due to their wild nature. Adhering to the guidelines set forth by the FWC ensures safe coexistence with these majestic creatures, allowing Floridians and visitors alike to appreciate their presence from a distance.

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