Is Jenna Dewan Pregnant? A Journey into Motherhood Once Again

Jenna Dewan, celebrated for her diverse talents as both an actress and dancer, has thrilled her fans with news of her third pregnancy, her second with fiancé Steve Kazee.

This joyful announcement has sparked excitement among her admirers, who have closely followed her journey as she navigates the delicate balance between her career aspirations and motherhood.

Jenna’s ability to gracefully manage the demands of her professional and personal life continues to inspire and captivate audiences, reinforcing her status as a role model for those seeking to pursue their passions while embracing the joys of family life.

The Joyous Revelation

The delightful news emerged through Jenna’s Instagram platform, where she unveiled a heartwarming video. In this tender clip, her fiancé, Steve, tenderly serenades her burgeoning baby bump, encapsulating the couple’s anticipation and joy as they prepare to expand their family.

Family Dynamics

Already a devoted mother to her daughter Everly, whom she shares with her former partner Channing Tatum, and her son Callum, with Steve Kazee, Jenna’s impending arrival promises to further enrich their blended family dynamics. The forthcoming addition is anticipated to infuse their lives with renewed love and happiness.

Embracing Transition

Embracing this new chapter at 43, Jenna approaches motherhood with open arms. Despite the challenges of pregnancy, she remains committed to her professional endeavors, including her role in the television series “The Rookie.”

Skillfully balancing the demands of her career with the evolving aspects of her personal life, Jenna exemplifies resilience and dedication.

Her ability to navigate the complexities of work and family life serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the strength and determination required to pursue one’s passions while embracing the joys of parenthood.


Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy is a beautiful testament to life’s blessings and the deep joy found in family connections. With anticipation, we celebrate the impending arrival of her third child, surrounded by an abundance of love that enriches their expanding family.

Jenna’s journey resonates as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of parenthood and the boundless happiness found in nurturing familial bonds. As she prepares to welcome her new addition, we share in her excitement and wish her and her growing family all the happiness and fulfillment this new chapter brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jenna Dewan expecting a child?

A: Indeed, Jenna Dewan is expecting her third child, marking her second pregnancy with her fiancé, Steve Kazee.

Q: How did Jenna Dewan reveal her pregnancy?

A: Jenna chose Instagram as the platform to announce her pregnancy, sharing a heartfelt video featuring her fiancé, Steve Kazee, serenading her baby bump.

Q: How many children does Jenna Dewan have?

A: Jenna Dewan is already a mother to two children: her daughter, Everly, from her previous marriage with Channing Tatum, and her son, Callum, with Steve Kazee. She is now anticipating the arrival of her third child.

Q: What is Jenna Dewan’s age?

A: Jenna Dewan is currently 43 years old.

Q: Is Jenna Dewan continuing to work during her pregnancy?

A: Absolutely, Jenna Dewan remains actively engaged in her professional endeavors, including her role in the television series “The Rookie,” demonstrating her commitment to both her career and impending motherhood.

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