Colorado Has One Of America’s Most Hated Highways

Colorado is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and diverse culture. But it is also home to one of the most hated highways in the country: Interstate 70. This major road connects Denver to popular ski destinations, but it also causes many headaches for drivers who have to endure traffic jams, road closures, and harsh weather conditions.

Why is I-70 so hated?

According to a survey by Volvo, I-70 ranked as the fifth most loathed highway in America, based on the opinions of 3,000 drivers. Some of the reasons why I-70 is so despised are:

Winter season: During the winter months, I-70 becomes a nightmare for skiers and snowboarders who flock to the mountains. The road often fills up with miles of traffic, especially on weekends and holidays. The Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel, which is crucial to the route, closes frequently due to safety concerns during snowstorms. The snowy and icy conditions also require mandatory chain and traction laws, which start as early as September and last until late May. Moreover, the fresh powder that lures skiers to the slopes also causes car crashes, closures, and detours along the way.

Sun glare: Another problem that plagues I-70 is the sun glare that occurs when driving eastbound at Floyd Hill. This phenomenon happens when the sun is low in the sky and reflects off the windshield, making it hard to see the road. The sun glare can last for up to an hour and causes delays and hazardous conditions in the morning.

Poor infrastructure: I-70 is also criticized for its poor infrastructure, which has not kept up with the growing population and demand. The road is narrow, winding, and steep in some sections, making it difficult to navigate and prone to accidents. The road also lacks adequate rest areas, service stations, and public transportation options. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has been working on several projects to improve I-70, such as widening lanes, adding tolls, and building a train system, but these efforts are costly, time-consuming, and controversial.

How does I-70 compare to other hated highways?

I-70 is not the only highway that drivers love to hate. Volvo’s survey revealed the top 10 most loathed highways in America, based on factors such as traffic, road conditions, safety, and scenery. Here are the results:

  • US-101 (California)
  • I-5 (California)
  • I-405 (California)
  • I-76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike)
  • I-70 (Colorado)
  • I-65 (Alabama)
  • DE-1 (Delaware)
  • I-87 (New York State Thruway)
  • I-90/I-94 (Dan Ryan & Kennedy Expressways, Illinois)
  • Garden State Parkway (New Jersey)

As you can see, California dominates the list, with three of its highways ranking in the top three. This is not surprising, given that California has the highest population, the most cars, and the worst traffic in the country. The other highways on the list also suffer from similar issues, such as congestion, roadwork, and tolls.


I-70 is one of the most hated highways in America, and for good reasons. The road is notorious for its traffic, closures, and weather challenges, especially during the winter season. The road also has poor infrastructure, which has not been updated to meet the needs of the drivers. While there are some efforts to improve I-70, they are not enough to make it a pleasant drive. For many drivers, I-70 is a necessary evil that they have to endure to get to their destination.

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